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What should I look for in an oriental rug? A: Basically, there are six areas that you should focus on: 1. Material of the Rug 2. How the Rug is Made 3. Country of Origin 4. Significance of Rug Design 5. Density of the Knots 6. Distinguishing Quality and Price If you are interested in a more detailed discussion of these points, please conact us. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What if I get the rug home and decide that it does not fit the style I am trying to obtain? A: This is a very common concern. We highly recommend that you take a rug home and evaluate how it fits your decorating, taste, and style. If you think that the rug does not make a perfect fit, then please bring it back. We will try to assist you as we can in obtaining the rug that is just right for you. We have often been invited into peoples home to suggest a particular rug that would compliment the existing decor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I would like to obtain a large oriental rug, can you help me? A: While we carry rugs that range in size from 2' x 3' to 14' x 28', we have access to larger sizes as well as different size from what you see in our showroom. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: What if I already have an oriental rug, but would like to purchase a new one? A: As many people have done already, they can bring their current oriental rug in and we will evaluate it and if and agreement is reached purchase it from you. We can also assist you in obtaining a new oriental rug. In addition, if your current rug simply needs repairs, we should be able to help you in most cases. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: How should I clean my rug? A: Because Oriental rugs generally increase in value with age and proper care, we recommend the following for wool rugs: ? Professional washing every two to five years ? Rotate your rug once a year ? Vacuum on a regular basis ? Use a good quality pad ? Have rewoven, if necessary, by a professional ? Clean spots and spills immediately -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: How do I learn about rugs? A: Visit specialists: If you do not know much about rugs then it is best to visit a specialist dealer, whose stock matches your taste in style and price. Do not be afraid to ask questions get advice on durability, value for money, what it will look like in years to come, and whether it will compliment your colour scheme and is suitable for the location. Department stores: Departmental stores can be good starting place. However, you will soon discover that specialist dealers have a wider range of quality stock. Staff in specialist shops are likely to have a far greater depth of knowledge that those in Department stores and rugs available in specialist shops are likely to be of better quality.
  • Address: 2 Bridge Street
  • Town: Outside GPP area
  • Postcode: GU7 1HY
  • Map Link: Map Link
  • Contact #1: Mr Gary Wilcks
    Phone: 01483 424004
    Mobile: 07887722789
    Fax: 01483 419271
  • Business Category: Carpet & Rug Retailers
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