Organisation Name: UCI (UK) Limited

Who are we? United Cinemas International operates cinemas in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy and Portugal. The company was purchased by Terra Firma Capital Partners in October 2004 and is now well placed to build on its market strength across Europe. If you would like to view websites from other UCI European territories, click here. UCI operate 34 cinemas in the UK and Ireland - that?s 340 screens full of entertainment! We employ over 2,700 people to make sure that our 20 million guests enjoy the thrill and excitement of cinema which includes a fantastic range of premium food and drink to enjoy before and after the film in Caf? Nescafe, Ben & Jerry?s and the Hollywood + Vine bars. In fact, some of our guests are so hungry that we sell around 15 million hotdogs every year and enough popcorn to fill The Millennium Stadium three times over! We like to introduce our guests to new and exciting ways to enjoy the cinema too. We were the first cinema group to open a multiplex in the UK back in 1985 and we also run the North West?s only IMAX cinema with a screen that?s 8 storeys high and as wide as three double decker buses parked end to end! In 2000, UCI introduced thefilmworks cinema experience bringing unforgettable cinema to our guests in a totally unique environment. thefilmworks is not just about the film it?s about making every moment of your visit to the cinema more memorable. From the striking design and generous seats to a perfect view of the screen, you?ll becoming completely immersed in the atmosphere as we bring you closer to the action so you literally feel every effect of the film. You only get one chance to see a film for the very first time and there?s no better place to see it than at thefilmworks. From the moment you enter our doors to the moment you leave we offer an experience that really is unforgettable. But most of all, we?re here for your pleasure. A place to sit back and relax with friends or family and enjoy the UCI cinema experience.
  • Address: Lee House
    90 Greatbirdge Wood Street
  • Town: Outside GPP area
  • Postcode: M1 5JW
  • Map Link:
  • Contact #1: Mrs Lucy Brindle, Marketing
    Phone: 01614554000
    Contact #2: , Marketing (London)
    Phone: 02073210404
  • Business Category: Cinema
  • Comment:

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