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Garfield Road, Addlestone, KT15 2NJ


(from 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2017)

  Hourly rate
is up to 6:00pm
Session Rate
applies after 6pm (for 6-11:30pm)
TULK HALL (including kitchen)
Monday to Friday £20.00 £137.00
Saturday £37.00 £249.00
Sunday £29.50 £178.00
MURIEL WISE SUITE (including kitchen)
Monday to Friday £17.50 £67.50
Saturday £27.50 £158.50
Sunday £20.00 £119.00
Monday to Friday Up to 6.00 pm £14.00/hr 6.00-11:30 pm £42.00/session
Saturday Up to 6.00 pm £19.50/hr 6.00-11:30 pm £119.00/session
Sunday Up to 6.00 pm £15.00/hr 6.00-11:30 pm £90.00/session
STUDIO 1 £4.50/hr
STUDIO 2 £9.50/hr
Part Public Address Equipment (by arrangement) £10.50
Full Public Address Equipment (by arrangement) £38.50
Stage Lighting (by arrangement) £67.50
Tiered Seating (by arrangement) £41.50


NOTES Conditions and regulations of hire apply.

Evening bookings to finish at 11.30pm. ALL rooms to be vacated by midnight. Part of an hour to count as one hour.

Dishwashers are available but please follow instructions attached to the front of the unit.

35mm carousel projector and overhead projector with screens are available by arrangement.

Main Kitchen hired to first-comer. If another Hall is booked later, the two groups may share it by mutual arrangement. Washing up liquid and tea towels are not supplied.

For more information, contact the Bookings Manager on: 07934 287004 or bookings@addlestonecommunityassociation.org

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